Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness

What is mental toughness? Mental toughness is a state of mind, where we refuse to quit and surrender. Sometime we all have feel this state in our life, maybe when we were in college sports, business, career or life. The point is this mental toughness state is missing right now and we don’t know how to recall this state again.

Mental toughness is not a product or service which we can buy from any shop, it’s a persistent effort to rewire our mind. Rewire our mind from problem to solution, from pain to determination, from weakness to strength.

How to rewire our mind? There are many ways to rewire our mind:

  1. Have a healthy body: The first step to be mentally tough is to be physically strong. A strong mind lives in a strong body and a strong body comes from regular exercise, balanced diet and healing. Join a regular training program, exercise schedule, gym, yoga or any other form of training but do regular exercise. There is no substitute of physical training and conditioning your muscles.
  2. Trian your mind: After physical training, now train your mind. Read something positive every day, pick any book, magazine or blog and be consistent in your learning. There is nothing more powerful than a strong mind. Skip your meal but don’t skip your reading. Let me share my personal experience, I read 10 books every month. A wonderful way to rewire our mind.
  3. Build + ve self image: What if we do everything but we keep a self image of a failure? Then we cannot manifest success in our life. Building + ve self image means looking up to the highest possibility even when the circumstances are adverse and against.

No matter what is the circumstances or condition, just don’t quit in your life. Rise to the occasion, show your best move and keep going ahead.

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