About Me

I’m Jaideep Parashar, and I’ve been helping people live the best version of themselves. Experienced Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the administration industry, skilled in Human Behavior & Psychology, Mental training, Success and Leadership with Engineering degree and Business enthusiast. I am a personal counselor, who helps in solving inner conflicts by having a 1-on-1 counseling session.

Before we move on, let me ask you to think what a person can learn about business and life byBefore we move on, let me ask you to think what a person can learn about business and life by

  1. Losing health 4 times straight in a row
  2. Surviving a decade of depression
  3. By facing insomnia with depression for 4 years
  4. Doing meditation in Himalayan mountains
  5. By living in self-isolation for 5 years
  6. Resigning from a secure govt job to take control of life
  7. By asking for food in tough time to feed himself

If you don’t know the answer to any of the questions, then welcome in Jaideep Parashar’s life because he knew the answer of all the question and you can implement these answers in your life and business.

Jaideep Is a trainer, personal counsellor, business consultant and author who help professional in living an accomplished life. His background of facing back to back tragedy, torture, and trauma because of plain bad luck gives him a special edge in understanding human behaviour and belief system. He started getting recognition on LinkedIn when he started his training series to train professional and self-employed.

He considers himself a lifelong learner, who read more than 100 books every year added with business magazines and articles.

Jaideep an MTech. graduate with the holder of Certificate course on Business Management from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi has to drop out of 2nd P.G. As one misdiagnosed followed by the wrong dose of medicine added by medicine side effect worsen his problems to the break-even point.

The trajectory of transformation came when he survived 4 years of insomnia, 5 years of self-isolation and a decade of depression. Jaideep a former govt assistant, found his true self when he got the privilege of meditation in a small Himalayan town, where he tested all his knowledge and experience.

He later turned his pain into a passion to transform other’s life through his years of knowledge, experience and research. Now, it’s your turn to transform your life with Jaideep Parashar.


“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napoleon Hill